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La Segarra

La Segarra , in the core of the region of Catalonia, establishment of civilisations, bastion of many conquests, land of castles, ancient churches and monasteries that  approaches  us to a past  full of history and legends.

La Segarra, historical border between  Christian and  Islam culture, where   the lovers of the past  are offered a wide range  of castles to discover  ( Montcortés, Aranyó, Pallargues, Les Sitges, Florejats, Vicfred, Ratera) giant watchtowers like Vallferosa , which with its 99 ft. is considered   one of the most important in West Europe.

Its historical importance is due to the many archaeological ruins and monuments that have been found in its villages: prehistorical ( the ruins  and archaeological  buildings  found in Pla de la Mora, Sant Antolí, Sant Guim… ); roman ( Guissona) ; romanic ( Cervera , Sant Antolí, Pomar, Fonolleres, Castellmeià, santa Maria de l´Aguda and mainly  the ones in Pelagalls and Montfalcó ) , baroque ( Sant Ramon, Guissona, cervera…);modernists  ( The Trade Union buildings  of Cervera and Sant Guim ).

La Segarra, land of fantastic paths for walking tours and cycle trails, invites us to have a good time enjoying the beautiful and colourful views according to the different seasons, practising some trekking, following and discovering the mountain bike and cycle touring tracks or simply enjoying a nice and relaxing horse riding tour among other activities.

La Segarra is a land of handicrafts , land of rich and tasteful gastronomy that is reflected in its views, and offers to visitors tasty and delicious  traditional and regional dishes like  vinagreta partridge,  sprinkled  feet pig, delicious desserts like “ sabines”, “carquinyolis”, “morenetes “ and “ nevats “ , and good wines like “ Aromes de la Segarra”.

A unique identity  for a unique land, la Segarra : land of  castles, walking  and cycling tours, and tasty  gastronomy which will make of your stay an unforgettable one.

(Consell Comarcal de la Segarra.)

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